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Milly Witkop-Rocker

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had to be wholly and completely. Then, when chance brought her together with a comrade of the East End, in one of the little shops where she worked, and she began to learn the causes of the terrible misery which made the ghetto into a hell at that time, a great transformation gradually took place within her. A new vision began to take shape and, in time, she found her true place. And as she felt everything deeply she embraced the new ideas with the same fervor she had shown for the religion of her childhood. For she was one of those rare people who thing with their heart as well as with their head. She devoured all the libertarian literature that came her way, and thus found new channels for her great yearning which burnt within her and which she retained to the last.

Milly was a person with an inherent sense of responsibility, such as one seldom finds, and it is precisely for this reason that she was a truly free human being in everything she thought and did. When she arrived in London, a girl in her teens, she denied herself every extra penny's worth of food until, after three years, she was at last able to bring her parents and her three sisters from Russia and provide a home for them. The effort required for this can only be appreciated by someone familiar with the unbeleavable working conditions which existed in the


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