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Milly Witkop-Rocker

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himself. It often leads to wishful thinking, and is as illusory as a mirage in a desert.

The short span we call our life cannot be estimated in advance and is, at bottom, only what we ourselves make of it or what is made of it for us by others. In this domain there is room only for surmise, but not for certainty.

We found each other, and although each came from an entirely different world, we built a world of our own together. This, alone, was the essence of our union.

When I first met Milly in London, sixty years ago, she was already an active and devoted member of the Worker's Friend Group. Milly had a deeply religious nature when she came to England. But the new environment into which she came in London was one far removed from that of her native little town in the Ukraine. In the notorious sweatshops of the big ghetto where she had to earn her meager living, people worked even on the Sabbath when they had to, and did many things which were contrary to the principles of Jewish religion. The young girl rebelled against this, often courting trouble and losing her job. It was at the time that her first doubts arose. Given her character, nothing else was possible. Any half-measure was repugnant to her. Whatever she was she


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