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Milly Witkop-Rocker

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London ghetto at that time. Doing things of this sort was to Milly a matter of course.

I lived with her for fifty-eight years. We knew bitter privations and experienced many hardships, but none of them could destroy our quiet happiness. There was something in our life that can hardly be described, a hidden temple which we alone could enter. When in lonely hours I now think back to that wonderful time, there come to my mind involuntarily the words of Auban's wife, in Mackay's Anarchists. To a fool who asked her what she had contributed to the happiness of mankind, she replied with fine irony: "A great deal! I myself have been happy."

Each of us could have said the same. The worst enemies of human happiness have been those who have sought to impose their formula of happiness on others. Happiness that is force upon one is nothing but gilded slavery. There is no happiness without free choice. We should never strive to make mankind happy according to a universal panacea but should instead create living conditions that will permit each to find happiness in his own way.

We had to endure many a malicious thrust of fate, but we also experienced many joyful hours, such as are granted to few and cannot be bought. When we were alone together in our free evenings, I would read


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