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     Godwin, William (1793). An Enquiry Concerning the 
     		Principles of Political Justice and Its 
     		Influence on General Virtue and Happiness, 4th edition, 
     		two volumes. London: Robinson.
      First edition (Godwin prefered the revised edition).
     --- (1783). An Account of The Seminary
     --- (1783). A Defense of the Rockingham Party.       London: J. Stockdale.
     --- (1783). The History of the Life of William Pitt, Earl of Chatham.       London: Printed for the author, and sold by G. Kearsley. Dublin: Potts,       Wilson, Walker and Byrne.
     --- (1784) The Herald of Literature.
     --- (1784). Damon and Delia. London: T. Hookhamed.
     --- (1784). Imogen: A Pastorial Romance From the Ancient       British.
     --- (1784) Instructions to a Statesman. London: Printed       for J. Murray, Fleet-Street; J. Debrett, Piccadilly;       and J. Sewell, Cornhill.
     --- (1784). Italian Letters: Or The History of the Count de St. Julian.
     --- (1793). Things as they are, or the Adventures of Caleb Williams.       ed. D. McCracken. Oxford: 1971.
     --- (1794) Cursory Strictures On the Charge Delivered By Lord Chief       Justice Eyre To The Grand Jury, October 2, 1794. [PDF]
     --- (1795) Considerations On Lord Grenville's And Mr. Pitt's Bills. [PDF]
     --- (1797). The Enquirer. Reflections On Education, Manners, And       Literature. In A Series Of Essays. London: G.G. and J.       Robinson, 1797
     --- (1797). OF HISTORY AND ROMANCE
     --- (1798). Memoirs of Mary Wollstonecraft
     --- (1801). Thoughts occasioned by the perusal of Dr. Parr's Spital Sermon.
     --- (1804). Life of Chaucer. London: T. Davison, White-Friars. [pdf]
     --- (1805). Fleetwood: Or, The New Man Of Feeling.
     --- (1820). Of Population.
     --- (1831). Thoughts on Man, his Nature, Productions       and Discoveries. London: Effingham Wilson Royal       Exchange.
     --- (1834). Lives of the Necromancers
     --- Summary of Principles
     --- (1966). Four early pamphlets, 1783-1784. Gainesville, Fla., Scholars' Facsimiles and Reprints, 1966.


     William Godwin On Education

     William Godwin and informal education


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