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Peter Arshinov (1887 c. - 1937)

Arshinov Biography

Wikipedia entry

Arshinov was a metal worker in the Ukraine who joined the Bolshevik party in 1904 and became an anarchist in 1905 after the 1905 uprising. He was later imprisoned but escaped to France, returning to Russia in 1909 when he was caught smuggling arms from Austria. In prison he met Makhno. Both Makhno and Arshinov were released in 1917 and Arshinov joined Makhno in the Ukraine when the Makhnovite Insurrectionary Army took control. He was the leader of "Nabat", a confederation of anarchist organizations in the Ukraine. In 1921, Arshinov left Russia, but returned in 1936 and was executed in 1937.


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