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Stephen Pearl Andrews Bibliography

Andrew's Works

Andrews, Stephen Pearl (1846). The phonographic reader microform:
a complete course of inductive reading lessons in phonography. Boston: Phonographic Institution
----- (1847). Primary phonotypic reader. New York: Andrews & Boyle.
----- (1849). Phonographic word-book number two ... Intended immediately
to succeed the Phonographic word-book no. one, and the Phonographic class-book and reader.
----- (1851). Complete phonographic class-book. New York: J. F. Trow.
----- (1852) Science of Society no.1. True Constitution of Government in the
Sovereignty of the Individual as the Final Development of Protestantism, Democracy, and Socialism, New York: Fowlers and Wells.
----- (1853). Love, Marriage, and Divorce, and the Sovereignty of the
Individual: A discussion by Henry James, Horace Greeley, and Stephen Pearl Andrews. New York: Stringer and Townsend.
----- (1872). Basic outline of universology.
Warren, Josiah (1846) Equitable Commerce: a New Development of
Principles, as Substitutes for Laws and Governments. Editor's preface signed: Stephen Pearl Andrews, Ind.: New Harmony.

About Andrews

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Social Forces. 19 (May 1941): 477- 82.

See Pauper's Books site on Andrews:


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