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Andrews's Collected Works

Andrews, Stephen Pearl (1852) Science of Society no.1. True Constitution
of Government in the Sovereignty of the Individual as the Final Development of Protestantism, Democracy, and Socialism, New York: Fowlers and Wells. [partial html version] [PDF --- full version]
Andrews, Stephen Pearl ed. (1853). Love, Marriage, and Divorce,
and the Sovereignty of the Individual: A discussion by Henry James, Horace Greeley, and Stephen Pearl Andrews, New York: Stringer and Townsend.
Warren, Josiah (1846) Equitable Commerce: a New Development
of Principles, as Substitutes for Laws and Governments. Editor's preface signed: Stephen Pearl Andrews, Ind.: New Harmony.
"Proudhon and his Translator". By Stephen Pearl Andrews.
[pdf] Source:


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