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The Abraham Lincoln Brigade
Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives
After the Revolution, by Diego Abad de Santillan [pdf]
Anselmo Lorenzo Sperilla (1841-1914)
Berneri, Camillo, Selected Writings
Brief History
The CNT since Franco
Comrade Peasant, Listen!
Controversy: Anarchists in the Spanish Revolution, by Sam Dolgoff
Biography of Durruti from Workers Solidarity
Essays on the Spanish Civil War
Friends of Durriti Group 1937-39, Agustin Guillamón
Guerra Civil
"Les mémoires inédits de Manuel Sirvent Romero (1890-1968)"
"Mèmoires de militants anarchistes espagnols: quelques Èlèments de rèflexion," Joël Delhom
Photo-History: The War In Spain, pages 1-35
Photo-History: The War In Spain, pages 36-66
Eugene W. Plawiuk's Spanish Civil War Site
Posters from the Spanish Civil War
Red Years Black Years (film)
Michael Seidman's writing on Spanish Civil War
A Spanish Anarchism Page
The Spanish Civil War: Anarchism in Action
Spanish Civil War at
Spanish Civil War Factbook
Spanish Civil War Index
SPANISH REVOLUTION OF 1936 (University of Pennsylvania Site
SPANISH REVOLUTION OF 1936 (Excellent Site)
"Towards a Fresh Revolution," Friends of Durruti's 1938 pamphlet
The Tragic Week in May, Augustin Souchy
They Still Draw Pictures, children's drawings during the war
Lucio Urtubio
Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade
Women in the Spanish Civil War


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