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The Cynosure

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  Murray Bookchin
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  Worldwide Movements
  First International
  Paris Commune
  Haymarket Massacre
  Spanish Civil War
  Art and Anarchy
  Education and Anarchy
  Anarchist Poets


Advice to Those About to Emigrate Freedom: March, 1893, p. 14. [Lituanian version]

Anarchism: its philosophy and ideal. Originally published in French in 1896, English edition, San Francisco: 1898. [Czech version]

"Anarchism", from The Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1910. [Romanian version] [Polish Version] [Portuguese Version]

Anarchist Morality

   La Morale Anarchiste

Appeal to the Young    Italian versions: Ai Giovani   The original French version appeared as "Aux Jeunes Gens", Le Révolté, June 25; July 10; August 7, 21, 1880.

"Brain Work and Manual Work." The Nineteenth Century, March, 1890, pp. 456-475.

"The Coming Anarchy". The Nineteenth Century. XXII (126), August 1887, pp. 149-64. [pdf]

"The Coming War." The Nineteenth Century, 1913.    [pdf]

The Commune of Paris

Communism and Anarchy

The Conquest of Bread

    La conquista del pan [Spanish version]

    La conquête du pain [French version]

    A Conquista do Pão [pdf] [Portuguese version]

    Audio book

"The Constitutional Agitation in Russia." The Nineteenth Century, January, 1905.

"Direct Action of Environment and Evolution." The Nineteenth Century. V. 85, pp. 70-89, 1919. [pdf]

Ethics: Origin and Development
   Introduction to French edition


Fields Factories and Workshops

"Finland: a Rising Nationality". The Nineteenth Century, 1885.

"The Fortress Prison of St Petersburg". The Nineteenth Century, June, 1883.

Freedom Pamphlet #4

The Great French Revolution, 1909.

"The Great French Revolution and its Lesson." The Nineteenth Century. 1889. V.25. pp. 838-51.

Ideals and Realities in Russian Literature

In Russian and French Prisons

"The Industrial Village of the Future." Nineteenth Century, 1888, pp. 513-530. [pdf]

Kropotkin's Revolutionary Pamphlets

Law and Authority

The Manifesto of the Sixteen (1916)

"Maxím Górk"

Memoirs of a Revolutionist

Modern Science and Anarchism

Mutual Aid, 1902.

    Project Guttenberg version

    Audio Book

    Mutual Aid was originally published as a series of articles in The Nineteenth Century:
    "Mutual Aid Among Animals." The Nineteenth Century, September, 1890.
    "Mutual Aid Among Animals." The Nineteenth Century, November, 1890.
    "Mutual Aid Among Savages", The Nineteenth Century, April, 1891.
    "Mutual Aid Among Barbarians", The Nineteenth Century, January, 1892.
    "Mutual Aid in the Mediæval City." The Nineteenth Century, August, September 1894.
    "Mutual Aid Amongst Modern Men." The Nineteenth Century, January, 1896.
     "Mutual Aid Amongst Ourselves," The Nineteenth Century, June, 1896.

    Related Articles Published After Mutual Aid:
    "The ethical needs of the present day". The Nineteenth Century, August, 1904.
    "The Morality of Nature", The Nineteenth Century, March, 1905.
    "The Theory of Evolution and Mutual Aid," The Nineteenth Century, January, 1910.
    "The Response of the Animals to Their Environment" Part 1, The Nineteenth Century,
       December, 1910.
    "The Inheritance of Acquired Characters: Theoretical Difficulties", The Nineteenth Century,
        March 1912.
    "Inherited Variation in Plants," The Nineteenth Century, October, 1914.
    "Inherited Variation in Animals," The Nineteenth Century, November, 1915.

On Order

"On the Teaching of Physiography." Geographic Journal, vol. 2, pp. 350-359.  [pdf]

Organised Vengeance Called “Justice”

The Place of Anarchism in Socialistic Evolution

The Present Crisis in Russia

Process Under Socialism

Proposed Communist Settlement: A New Colony for Tyneside or Wearside

Revolutionary Government

Revolutionary Studies

"Russian Schools and the Holy Synod," North American Review, Vol 174, No 454, April 1902, pp. 518-527.

"The Scientific Basis of Anarchy". The Nineteenth Century. XXI, February 1887, pp. 238-58. [pdf]

"Some of the Resources of Canada." The Nineteenth Century. March, pp. 494-514. [pdf]

The Spirit of Revolt
   Polish Version

The State: Its Historic Role

The Terror in Russia.

The Wage System


Wars and Capitalism

What Geography Ought To Be

Words of a Rebel


Kropotkin to Nettlau, March 5, 1902

Kropotkin to Alexander Berkman, November 20, 1908, re: Blast

Letter to Steffen on WWI, published in Freedom in 1914

Kropotkin to Marie Goldsmith in 1913

Kropotkin to Marie Goldsmith in 1916

Kroptokin to Lenin December 21, 1920

Kroptokin to Lenin March 4, 1920

The Russian Revolution and the Soviet Government:

Letter to the Workers of Western Europe


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