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Quotation from
Benjamin R. Tucker

"The only protection which honest people need is protection against that vast Society for the Creation of Theft which is euphemistically designated as the State"

"Liberty will ultimately make all men rich; it will not make all men equally rich. Authority may (and may not) make all men equally rich in purse; it certainly will make them equally poor in all that makes life worth living."

"The people cannot afford to be enslaved for the sake of being insured."

"Those who hold the property in the means of living will inevitably hold the property in life itself."

"The rate of interest on money fixes the rate [of interest on all other capital the production of which is subject to competition, and, when the former disappears, the latter disappears with it."

"The republicanization of specie must precede the freedom of trade."

"Force of offence in the principle of the state, while force of defence is the principle of liberty."

"There is nothing sacred in the life of an invader, and there is no valid principle of human society that forbids the invaded to protect themselves in whatever way they can."

"If one fifth of the people were to resist taxation, it would cost more to collect their taxes, or try to collect them, then the other four fifths would consent to pay into the treasury."

"The moment we invade liberty to secure equality we embark upon a road which knows no stopping place short of the annilation of all that is best in the human race."

"In all intellectual controversy he is the real victor who sheds the most light."

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