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Milly Witkop-Rocker

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great longing and eternal hope. I am armed against every storm. He who suffers much, comprehends much and does not snap like a dry twig in the wind."

Those of us to whom nature has been generous should accept her gifts with modesty and humility. If we are blessed with more than average intelligence we should never forget how little we actually know. There was much that I was able to give to Milly and she accepted it with gratitude. She, on the other hand, gave me far more in return. She opened a door in my heart which had been unknown to me before and which might never have been opened without her. Through the open door came sunshine, came joyous experience and inner peace without which life would be hopelessly distorted. That is why she will always be with me, my companion of so many fruitful and happy years. She stood undismayed through storm and stress and, at the same time was a tender mother to our child. She was a part, and surely the best part of my life. Death may separate us physically, it can never erase her image from my heart or dim the memories of the precious years we spent.

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