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Milly Witkop-Rocker

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Milly and I have loved life because it gave us so much happiness, so much beauty and opened such rich perspectives, more than compensating for all the misery, the hardships and the gray monotony of everyday life.

Calderon may have been right when he said: "Y toda la vida es sueño"- and all life is but a dream, because all things are transitory and subject to time's eternal drift. But it is man who gives shape and substance to the dream. It can become either a luminous experience or a nightmare that crushes and pulls him down into the depths.

Therefore I shall continue to work, to create, to hope and to fight, just as I did when Milly was at my side. I know I have not squandered my life; hence death has no fear for me. But my friends and comrades, who have shown me so much love and kindness in these trying days, I can only say. Do not depend. I still feel strong enough to defy fate, just as Milly would have done, too, had I been the first to go. The words of the poet speak for me, too:

"I have seen much sorrow and many tears in my life, but I have also seen great happiness and exultant bliss. I have looked into the abysses where horror dwells and pale fear, but my eyes have also seen blue shores veiled in dreamy remoteness, the home of man's


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