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same part for the proletariat in this century as the French Revolution played for Bourgeosie in the last century (1989-93). Her ideas will become, - already becoming the aim of the twentieth century. Indeed, they are not the ideas of reaction which Bolshevism plants in Russia. No. These ideas arise from the toiling masses themselves, which because of a lack of an organization and consciousness were unable to retain it in a realistic form. The idea of Soviets, i.e. the idea of federated free communes will not die. It will not die because it has thrice endeavored to incarnate itself in life. Doubtless the proletariat understands or is beginning to understand that under true Communism, under a federation of free Soviets, or communes, institutions that guarantee freedom, it is necessary to create a basis of economic equality. And for the third time will arise - never again to die - the factory-mill committees which will have at their disposal all the essentials of economic life. The factory will become the Production-consumption commune.

The federation of Free Soviet Communes, the federation of factories as production-consumption communes, - this is the closest goal for the next revolution.

Yes, the Russian Revolution died, but her ideas live and prepare a new, victorious, all-cleaning and all-healing revolution. Let us not be depressed then. Let us not yield to despondency at the sight of the temporary victory of international reaction. Let us fight on and out slogan shall be, "The Revolution is dead! Long live the Revolution!"

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