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There is a chronic scramble for food-products. The State cannot provide its subject with a pound of even poorly baked bread a day. There is a lack of necessary commodities manufactured by the city industries. The builders of Communism struggle to abolish the supplying of food by rotation and bread lines. After eighteen years they have still not succeeded.

The entire country is suffering from a housing crisis, heating crisis and a transportation crisis. Crisis, crisis, crisis,...without end. According to Marx, existence determines conscience. What, then is conscience of the Russian toiling masses?

It is bitter, very bitter. The communist existence determines and directs the conscience of the Russian proletariat and the healing and all cleansing Revolution. Without it there is no escape. Without this the Bolsheviks like a gangrene will decompose and seduce beyond hope the spirit and body of the Russian toiling masses - and not only Russian!

We must drive out such builders of Communism, this unsavory brand of Communism. Such rulers must be driven out - the sooner or the better. The workers, the comrades of the pre-October Lenin must go against the post-October Lenin and his party. Into the faces of the new despots the workers must fling the very world of Lenin.

"The workers must sweep away all phrases, promises, declamations, projects centrally conceived by bureaucrats, who forever are ready to spend time at composing the most seemingly effective plans, suggestions, constructions, standardizations. 'Tis all a lie! Down with all that noise of bureaucratic and bourgeois project-making, which has cracked and crumpled down universally. Down with the dilatory procedure of perpetually postponing urgent affairs! The workers must demand the immediate realization of the principle of control de facto, and what is more important, CONTROL BY THE WORKERS THEMSELVES. This is most important to the success of the cause, the cause of saving the revolution from a catastrophe. Without this, all else is deception. (The Unavoidable Catastrophe and the Limitless Promises, Vol. 14, Part1, p. 196).

We must uphold Lenin against Lenin and say in his own words, "Without this, all else is deception!"

The workers must deal with their betrayers as they deserve. They must take all back into their hands, and must by their own initiative commence to build a free society, a society free from governing and governed, free from exploiters and exploited, in short, they must commence the building of ANARCHISM and COMMUNISM.

Yet, in spite of all this, the Russian Revolution will play the

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