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The text is from my copy of Alexander Berkman, The Bolshevik Myth, New York: Boni and Liveright, 1925. Page numbers are in the source code.

frontpiece contents contents2


Preface vii
I. The Log of the Transport "Buford 13
II. On Soviet Soil 28
III. In Petrograd 32
IV. Moscow 43
V. The Guest House 46
VI. Tchicherin and Karakhan 50
VII. The Market 55
VIII. In the Moskkommune 61
IX. The Club on the Tverskaya 65
X. A Visit to Peter Kropotkin 72
XI. Bolshevik Activities 76
XII. Sights and Views 82
XIII. Lenin 89
XIV. On the Latvian Border 93
XV. Back in Petrograd 114
XVI. Rest Homes For Workers 125
XVII. The First of May 129
XVIII. The British Labor Mission 133
XIX. The Spirit of Fanaticism 142
XX. Other People 152
XXI. En Route To The Ukraina 158
XXII. First Days In Kharkov 163
XXIII. In Soviet Institutions 174
XXIV. Yossif the Emigrant 182
XXV. Nestor Makhno 190
XXVI. Prison and Concentration Camp 197
XXVII. Further South 204
XXVIII. Fastov the Pogromed 207
XXIX. Kiev 218
XXX. In Various Walks 225
XXXI. The Tcheka 240
XXXII. Odessa: Life and Vision 245
XXXIII. Dark People 260
XXXIV. A Bolshevik Trial 268
XXXV. Returning to Petrograd 272
XXXVI. In the Far North 281
XXXVII. Early Days of 1921 286
XXXVIII. Kronstadt 291
XXXVIX. Last Links in the Chain 304

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