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Guy Aldred Collected Works

  • Aldred, Guy (1908). "Logic and Economics of the Class Struggle". Bakunin Press. [pdf]
  • --- (1909). Dogmas Discarded [pdf]
  • --- (1919). "Trade unionism and the class war". Pamphlets for the Proletarian, No. 11
  • --- (1935). "For Communism". Revised and republished in Glasgow: The Strickland Press, 1943.
  • --- (1940). Pioneers of Anti-Parliamentarism
  • --- (1940). Socialism and the Pope [html] [pdf]
  • --- (1940)Studies in Communism [html] [pdf]
  • --- (1942). Socialism and Parliament [html] [pdf]
  • --- (1942). Socialism and Parliament Part 2 [html]
  • --- (1944). A Call to Manhood: and Other Studies in Social Struggle. Glasgow: The Strickland Press

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