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John Cage: Commentary


Essays on John Cage by James Pritchett (Princeton University)

Paul Merton's "Hour of Silence" Brian Eno talks about Cage

John Cage Europeras: a light and soundscape as musical

Silence Scholarly John Cage discussion/mailing list (Archive)

Page of Links by Malcolm Humes

A Review of "John Cage: Composed in America"

Silent Revolution by Margaret Leng Tan

John Cage's Queer Silence by John Katz

John Cage and the "Project of Modernity" by David Bernstein

Freedom in experimental music: the New York revolution by Peter Gena


Boulez, Pierre , The Boulez-Cage correspondence; documents collected, edited, and introduced by Jean-Jacques Nattiez, et al.], translated and edited by Robert Samuels. Cambridge [England]; New York, NY. USA: Cambridge University Press, 1993

The Cambridge companion to John Cage - edited by David Nicholls - Cambridge University Press, 2002

CageTalk : dialogues with and about John Cage - edited by Peter Dickinson - University of Rochester Press, 2006

John Cage : composed in America / edited by Marjorie Perloff and Charles Junkerman - University of Chicago Press, 1994

John Cage, anarchic harmony : ein Buch der Frankfurt Feste '92/Alte Oper Frankfurt - herausgegeben von Stefan Schädler & Walter Zimmermann - Schott, c1992

John Cage : musical messages : an exhibition of pages from compositions by John Cage - with commentary by faculty of the Department of Music, University of California at San Diego

John Cage : music, philosophy, and intention, 1933-1950 - edited by David W. Patterson - Routledge, 2002

Conversing with Cage - by Richard Kostelanetz - Limelight Editions, 1991


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