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Interviews with former students of the Shelton Modern School:
The following interviews were conducted on during the month of March, 2010 with former students of the Modern School at Shelton. This school, founded in New York in 1911 and moved to New Jersey in 1915, was influenced by Francisco Ferrer’s educational movement in Spain and inspired by the ideas of many important anarchists. In the transcribed excerpts below, these two past pupils describe their experiences in an educational setting where students were given the freedom to fully explore their interests.
Bill Giacoloni
Leonard Rico
More complete recordings can be found at:

Democratic Education:A short documentary that provides a brief decription of where the public school system came from, as well as contemporary alternatives to this system. Interviews with students on their experiences in an educational enviroment that is grounded on anarchist ideas of free learning.
Democratic Education Part I
Democratic Education Part II


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