2003 Simulation Schedule and Procedural Addenda

Monday, April 7

6:30 -- State of the Union and GOP response  -- Davdison Lecture Room, Adams Hall

7:30 -- Initial committee meetings  -- Roberts South 102, 103, 104

Tuesday, April 8

6:30-9 -- Committee hearings, White House meetings, informal caucuses -- Roberts North 102, 104, 105

Wednesday, April 9

6:30-9 -- Committee markups, White House meetings, informal caucuses -- Roberts North 102, 103, 104

Thursday, April 10

6:30-9 -- Senate floor session -- Bauer Forum

Students should consult the simulation manual at: http://dwardmac.pitzer.edu/dward/classes/congpres/simulationrules.html They should also note these addenda:

Agenda: The Finance Committee will deal with a tax bill. We have intentionally left the topic quite broad: you will have to decide which specific national security issues merit your attention. The HELP Committee will deal with ESEA reauthorization, another very broad topic.

Floor Procedure: As the simulation manual says ("floor consideration"), the majority and minority leaders will devise the functional equivalent of a unanimous consent agreement governing floor action. The faculty members may arbitrate any dispute regarding this agreement.

Role of Faculty Members: During the simulation, the main task of the faculty members is to observe the simulation, not to provide answers to every substantive or procedural question. Our motto is "YOU figure it out!" Nevertheless, when we do issue a ruling, it is final and unappealable.