Works in Progress

The selections listed below are material already in the process of being marked up for inclusion in Anarchy Archives.

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Works in Progress

David Lundmark: Tolstoy, "On Anarchy"
David Lundmark: Annonymous, "A Day Mournful and Overcast"
Giancarlo Irribarren: Argentine periodical: "Labor N2 1906"
Nicole Cowan: Proudhon's correspondance, vols. 1-3. Patrick Hirsch: Godwin's "An Account of The Seminary That Will Be Opened On Monday The Fourth Day of August, At Epsom In Surrey, For The Instruction Of Twelve Pupils In The Greek, Latin, French, And English Languages"
Dan Sedlacek: Translation of Be Jin's Spring.
Ashley Osofsky: Remaining chapters of Kropotkin's Russian Lit book.
Manuel Zapata: translating: part one:, part two:, part three:
Stephanie Platenkamp: Renovacion, Marzo, 1914, Translation
Roxy Cruz: Ricardo Flores Magon, Epistolario y textos, Regeneracion Administracion de Justicia, Scanning text and translating
Kevin Garvey, Friends of Godwin, chapters IX and X.
Spencer Beckley: La Accion Socialista 1 Augosto 1908
Roxy Cruz: Reclus Elisee, To My Brother the Peasant, 1893

"Bright" Subjects

Matthew Alsgaard-Miller: Jack White
Ashley Osofsky: Lola Ridge and Shelley
Kyla Van-Maanen: Noe Ito
Roxy Cruz: Charlotte Willson
Kenin Garvey: Chuck Morse
Kira Topik: ╩Jaggi Singh
Giancarlo Irribarren: Gary Snyder
Taylor Morris: Ha Ki-Rak and the Korean anarchist movement
Chas Turner: Saul Newman
Nicki Cowan: Ashanti Alston Omowali
Chris Elia: John Lyndon
Spencer Beckley: Gennaro Rubino
Stephanie Platenkamp: Manuel Gonzalez Prada
Quinn Casal: Frank Fernandez
Patrick Hirsch: Victor Yarros