Your Name:

The purpose of this form is to assess your internet skills in order to help me organize the course appropriately and to establish a baseline for assessing the effectiveness of the course at the end of the semester.

1. With which operating systerm are you familiar: Mac Windows Both

2. How frequently do you use each of the following internet systems:

System Daily Weekly Monthly Occasionally Never

3. What Email software do you use?

4. Do you know how to add an attachment to an email message? Yes NO

5. Do you know how to detach an attachment from an email message? Yes NO

6. Can you creat an email list? Yes NO

7. Have you ever written any html documents? Yes NO

8. If so, do you have a personal homepage Yes NO

9. If you have a homepage, what is the url?

11. From the most used to the least used, list the five software utilities with which you are familiar (if any)





12. Which of the following real-time internet conferencing tools have you ever used:

Chat Rooms MUDs MOOs IRC CUSeeMe Maven Any Other Internet Audio Software

13. Have you ever used a scanner? Yes No

14. How much time do you spend each day using any of the six basic internet systems?

15. Can you configure helper applications in your web browser? Yes No

16. Can you edit bookmarks in your web browser? Yes No