Australia Wide Anarchist Congress

The Libertarian Workers for a Self Mananaged Society/Anarchist Media Institute have called on Australia WideAnarchist Congress to be held in Melbourne on the 14th and 15th of September to discuss the question of establishing a federation of anarchist unions. We would like to see the establishment of a Federation of occupation based unions that incorporate all workers (wage earners, unemployed, self-employed and retired) in a particular occupation (eg. health, education, welfare, manufacturing, service industries etc.). These new unions would be open to anyone who is willing to pay their dues (percentage of income) and would have both short term and long term goals.

We encourage all interested people to attend this congress.

Registration is $10.00 for wage earners and $5.00 for non wage earners.

Contact us and register as soon as possible if you want to attend this historic congress in Melbourne on the 14th and 15th of September.

Make out cheques or money orders to Libertarian Workers or send stamps to Libertarian Workers P.O. Box 20, Parkville. 3052 Melbourne. Australia.