• 5/3: Stock farmers spilled tons of milk outside the prefecture of Larisa and they confronted the riot squad in their effort to enter the building.

  • 7/3: About 30 anarchists attacked and beat up P.Kammenos rightwing member of parliament) and his bodyguard in Thessaloniki. P.Kammenos was on his way to speak in a meeting of fascist students from Cyprus.

  • 8/3: Demos of stock farmers in many cities. In Thessaloniki, the farmers threw quantities of their milk at the cops of the riot squad that guarded the gates of the Ministry. In Patra, the farmers tried to enter the prefecture by demolishing its main entrance with their tractors. In Sparti, the windows of the prefecture were broken by milk vats thrown by the stock farmers.

  • 10/3 : 44 prisoners escaped from Kerkyras prison, tunneling their way out. After a large scale police operation, 26 of them were arrested.

  • 11/3: Stock farmers in the isle of Lesvos attacked the ministry of Aegean affairs smashed all of its windows, entered it and threw out of it every single piece of furniture and documentation they could find. The general secretary of the ministry was attacked and the local police chief was injured after an iron bar landed on his head. A communist party member of the parliament, who tried to calm down the protestors, washed down with milk. The occupation of the ministry lasted 2 days.

  • 14/3: An entrance of the ministry of Commerce was burnt in the centre of Athens. The group "Anarchist Resistance" claims the responsibility for that arson.

  • 15/3: Anarchists met and discussed at the Polytechnic, Athens, the arrests and the persecution of the people arrested in the same place, last November.

  • 16/3: The "Collaboration of Anarchist groups" carried out a solidarity gathering for the persecuted people of Polytechnic `95, in N.Smyrni (suburb of Athens).

  • 16/3: During the party of an anarchist group in the University of Economic Sciences of Athens, anarchists smashed the windscreens and other parts of 2 luxurious cars and set on fire a private security truck in Patision street in the centre of the city. The riot squad arrived outside the university and the anarchists left the area shortly after the arrival of the cops.

  • 18/3: Two vehicles of the electricity company were burnt in Thessaloniki. No group claimed responsibility.

  • 19/3: Farmers' march in the centre of Athens. During the march, comrades of the "Collaboration of Anarchist Groups" were arrested while they were distributing a proclamation and such printed material. They were freed 3 hours later.

  • 20/3: The "Collaboration of Anarchist Groups" carried out solidarity gathering in N.Filadelpheia, in north-western Athens.

  • 20/3: The group "Anti-state struggle" claimed the responsibility for the arson of a journalist's car in Ag.Paraskeui (suburb of Athens) "as an action of solidarity for the persecuted people of Polytechnic `95".

  • 25/3: In Patra, 2 flags outside a bank and a shop were burnt.

  • 28/3:The group "Some Anarchist Fighters" burnt a vehicle of a TV channel and another one owned by the municipality of Athens. In their phone call to a newspaper, they said "that the attacks were done against the students elections and the continuing Polytechnic `95 trials."

  • 28/3: 2 school buses were burnt in Palini and Chalandri,. areas eastern of Athens.

  • 29/3: 3 anarchists were arrested and accused of burning the above school buses after identification checks by the cops in area where the arson had taken place. On 1/4, they were held in custody in the Korydallos prison, in Athens.

  • 30/4: The "Collaboration of Anarchist Groups" carried out a solidarity gathering in Ag. Anargyroi, a suburb of Athens.
  • Latest News

    In recent weeks, Abel Paz, author of "Durruti The People Armed", and anarcho-syndicalist historian, was on tour in Greece, speaking about the Spanish Revolution and about today's anarchist movement in the world. This tour was organised by "ALFA" which is a weekly anarchist newspaper in Greece. Also a big book about Spain'36 has been published in Greece- Rudolph Rocker/CNT-FAI, "The Spanish Civil War", which is a compilation of articles about this event. And two other smaller books about Spain have been published too.