Book Publishing Appeal

Jura Media will shortly be publishing a 180 page study of Kropotkin by anarchist-philosopher Graham Purchase. We are appealing for donations towards raising $200 in order that it can have an attractive cover which will improve sales and generate more income for Jura Media's many and various forthcoming publications.

This will be the second book published this year by Jura Media. The first being "After the Revolution" by A.D.Santillan, a reprint of this important book, which was originally published in 1937. Its important to keep the momentum going regarding this most important front. Certainly associated with the growth of a dynamic syndicalist movement on the industrial front, must be a prolific anarchist book and pamphlet publishing programme, to cater for the theoretical and historical studies of syndicalist militants. Certainly one of the central tasks of syndicalist activists is the intellectual and cultural developement of workers aimed at the development of a worker intelligensia, and their associated preparation for workers self-management of industry and the community. Activity on this front in Australia over the years has been scanty and in need of great development.Consequently we at RW and the ASF, and the anarcho-syndicalist movement generally warmly welcome Jura Media's publishing plans and projects, and strongly endorse participation in this latest appeal.