ASF News and Notes

Coming up on the weekend 3-4 August is the Industrial Relations/Labour History Conference organised by the Red & Black Forum. Its proving to be a most important and historic gathering with many of the most prominent and famous activists in the labour movement in Australia from the 1940's to today speaking in the various sessions. It is likely that this conference with its wide diversity in viewpoints will be first and last of its kind. Whilst we at RW would severely disagree with the social democratic and corporativist viewpoints of many speakers at the gathering, our anarcho-syndicalist comrades who will be represented also on the various panels, are keen as never before and confident to challenge these views in debate. Certainly this forum will represent another mile stone, in making anarcho-syndicalism and the A.S.F. be taken seriously as a current and force in the workers movement.Underlying the genesis of this gathering is of course the Federal Liberal's new industrial relations act and the crisis it is creating and turmoil it is generating for all in the labour movement, with its "deregulation of the labour market" and contract system plans. In this context, we must analyse the situation in terms of the problems and prospects presented for the formation of anarcho-syndicalist style unionism. Hope to see you there.

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