REBEL WORKER: What's happening at the factory?

ALCAN WORKER: Important changes have occurred in the bosses' employment practices. The only new workers the company is employing are casuals hired from body hire companies. Any worker who speaks out about the bosses, can be replaced with casuals. The casuals employed are carefully selected. They have to be interviewed and approved by managers, foreman and workers, many of whom would be in fact bosses' stooges. Some casuals think they are on a good wicket, however, they are without financial credibility due to the insecurity of their employment, and can't get loans. By means of these new practices the gates are also opened for the bosses to get rid of workers who oppose them, and slot in their mates to earn good money.

RW: What else is happening?

AW: The workforce has been further cut and the pace of production has been speeded up. At the hot mill section, the bosses aren't issuing any more meal tickets. Whilst in the past, in 3-6 monthly intervals bonuses were issued for no occurrences of time off for work related injuries. These bonuses have been wiped out. The bosses are now relying on the threat of the sack to stop time off for work related injuries. When Glen Chuter was manager of the plate saw section, workers would present to him medical certificates for taking time off for work related illnesses. He would say: "I am the manager. You should listen to me, not the doctor." What he says goes.