ASF News & Notes

A most useful booklet for those of us in the front lines in the fight against the forces of capitalism is the Fitzroy Legal Service Handbook, "How to Defend Yourself in Court". So far as we know this is the most complete "Layman's Guide" to self-rep in the Magistrate's Court available.

Coming up on the weekend 18th &19th May is the "Land & Freedom" Conference: A weekend of talks on the Significance of the Spanish Revolution. Comrades involved in the project have put a great effort into advertising the conference particularly by a very avid and effective postering campaign. A particular focus of this advertising has been the Spanish Community. We are hopeful of drawing a sizeable contingent to the conference from this sector.Also at the Conference we have an exhibition of reproductions of Spanish Civil War/ Revolution Posters, from Black Mark Art.On behalf of the Red & Black Club, the ASF and Rebel Worker, we send a special thank you for those comrades who are helping out in the diverse aspects of this conference. We are most hopeful that it will play a most significant role in widening the anarcho-syndicalist periphery in Sydney and elsewhere.

Hot off the press, is the first book published by Jura Media: "After The Revolution" by Diego Abad De Santillan. The Price is $AUD10. Contact Jura; or AK distribution (in a few months --seamail!) regarding copies. We take this opportunity to thank all the comrades who responded to our appeal to republish this book, on the financial front, and those engaged in the layout and printing of the book.This book will be launched at the "Land & Freedom" Conference.Why not come along and buy a copy. The launch will be presented by Michael Matteson.

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