The following request went out in early April:
From: (Lee Murray)
To: All AIT/IWA sections & supporters & the libertarian labour movement
Madrid, 4th April--- A delegate of the CNT-AIT section at Iberia Airlines, Madrid, has been suspended from work and wages for 21 days. This company punishment is harassment against union activity.
The CNT is asking supporters to take actions to pressure Iberia to revoke the punishment, and to take account of the union in negotiations.
Suggestions are: graffiti, demonstrations, telegrams, faxes, or whatever you can do, until further notice. Please send a small note to inform the workers of your actions,
"Withdraw disciplinary measures against the CNT delegate" "Iberia must recognize and negotiate with the CNT union" forwarded from paper mail rec'd at Ottawa from IWA/AIT Spain.
Carlos Lee Murray

A Victorious Result

came within a month:
From: (Pirate Press)
Date: 02 May 1996 22:28:55
WSA have received the following message from the CNT:
...In the case of IBERIA they have to move back, because of many solidarity activities in several ways, but mainly the international ones, in more than 20 countries (they are surprised yet!). So, this affair is satisfactorily resolved at the moment and there is not sanctions...