An Open Letter to ALP Hacks and Number Crunchers in the SRA

Consider this disturbing and confounding situation. There are workers in the SRA which is currently threatened by privatisation and associated attacks on workers' conditions and sackings, who lo and behold are helping the process. They are long standing members of the ALP. They attend secret ALP meetings to plot how to manipulate union meetings, so as to ensure there is no resistance to the bosses / Carr ALP Govt attacks. There is a senior driver at Hornsby depot who is not adverse to number crunching at drivers' union meetings, creating a bloc of votes to ensure no resistance to the bosses' attacks. There is a relatively senior driver who is the union rep at Flemington who is also up to his neck in this ALP manipulation game. Even a young bloke, amongst the shunters plays this game.
As a result of this game, workers have completely given up on union meetings such as in parts of Chullora.
What do you get out of this sellout game? Just a few crumbs from your ALP bosses. As a result of privatisation, your jobs will also be on the line. Whilst your ALP bosses won't be offering you any parliamentary seats or management jobs. You'll get the sack. and or the complete destruction of your current working conditions.
Why don't you use the enormous organisational resources we know you possess to help fight privatisation and create a worker controlled union to pursue it. workers' control of industry- the only alternative to private profiteer greed?