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The following periodical appears in Anarchy Archives thanks to FLA, the Federacion Libertaria Argentina and their project, Biblioteca-Archivo de Estudios Libertarios.

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What will remain to the end, but occasionally needs to resonate in the ear of a fellow word I remember - but do not forget - who we are, what we want and where we go. To continue to represent Spain in the work, ye thought for the dignity, we should be today than we were yesterday: a banner of redemption, a hope for the oppressed and exploited, unwavering faith, a cohesion of iron against all enemies of the people of that village that we are part and without which nothing would have and nothing can be.

By intuition, the knowledge of the way, by experience, even distant many hundreds of miles, we indicated a serious obstacle to our ship. Appeared early and went off the alarm on, flattered by the euphoria of the early triumphs. When the distance to the reef was much lower, we thought our duty to re-offend in the sign of danger. Some hesitated for a moment, but the initial impulse was stronger than the doubt and followed the ship with the bow straight into the abyss. Is there an interest in the wreck? There is talk of pessimism, all resources are used for the eyes remain closed, so that the direction is not known. The gap has narrowed considerably again and the final outcome can not be far off. We again point out the danger already visible by the most myopic, and echo,resonate even harder and harder, still has not change course.Pessimistic? While there is a meter for the last swerve of salvation, will the sad mission of lookouts, heard or unheard of our ship, which is taking wrong course.

We are concerned at the moment, that those who are blindfolded, remove the bandage, to see in a few steps the fatal obstacle. The shock will be more terrible for them, because it was more unexpected. We argue that while there is one meter for the swerve of salvation, the ship in distress can be saved. We do not claim anything other than the wake of the fatal euphoria that we have stopped rocking, not too slowly.

We speak to the anarchists, the anarcho-syndicalists, the proletarian revolutionaries, anything more than them, in factories or in the trenches, with a hammer or sickle, pen or the gun.

We can not stop being what we are and what should be our movement. We can not lower our flag which is the flag of Spain's work, struggle and dignity!

On behalf of ideas that have not been bankrupt and to which we owe what we are,



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