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The following periodicals appear in Anarchy Archives thanks to FLA, the Federacion Libertaria Argentina and their project, Biblioteca-Archivo de Estudios Libertarios.

Humanidad N1, Junio 1927.


Monthly Libertarian Magazine

Motto: Association for Anarchy, Anarchy for Humanity

The Crime of Ideas

The sentence is set and we have to destroy it.

Reaction demands Martyrs like never before.

Silence gives, rebellion denies! It's a matter of life or death. In one side the authority imposes; in the other, liberty exposes. The bourgeois justice and the human justice are face to face. Sacco and Vanzetti, in North America; Ascasso, Durrutti and Jover, in France; Mañasco, in Argentina; the deported in Mas Afuera; the inhospitable island of Chile, the ferocious persecution in Bulgaria, Italy, Spain and China: the sentence of the states over the universal liberty. And above all: the protest of free men.

Thinking, for the lords of wealth, is still a crime. The owners of steel, the kings of oil, those who rob the well-being, tremble when their power is threatened. Listen to the voices of Sacco and Vanzetti protesting against the war, against the economic crime of the industrialist Yankees. It's necessary that their voices be reduced to silence and that lies sweep their lives of integral idealism, and the accusation of crime is the valve of escape from hate contained by the Bourgeois justice. They have the judges under their feet, because it is the dollar that rules. The process is initiated. And now there have been long years of moral torture, of distressful prison, that the horrible sentence threatens these two men of thought: Sacco and Vanzetti.

The agitation of the global proletariat halted the hand of the tyrant. But today the threat is to be fulfilled again. The legal procedures are of no use; all luck of resources has been employed. The juristic process of Dedham has a base of public shame. It begins with the cynicism of judge Thayer, and it will end, if the global protest does not intensify, in the barbaric Electric chair.

The echo of the protest hasn't only had a repercussion on the revolutionaries, but on the world as well. According to the news, Governor Fuller, who is in charge of passing judgment of the sentence, has resolved to revise the process. But perhaps that hope is a resource of "justice"...

A date has been set: the tenth of July. Ladies and gentlemen, don't allow the crime! Protest, for them, for us, for all of our social prisoners, for the men whose ideas are victims of the regimen! Only with tenacious action, fervent, from the proletariat and the rebels, will we be able to insurrect the protest, emphasize the strike, the boycott, the sabotage against Yankee Capitalism, to destroy the horrible sentence of the tenth of July, and retrieve Sacco and Vanzetti to us.

Oh, yes, how does reaction never demand martyrs! But remember this well: silence gives but only rebellion denies death and affirms the right of everyone to have a life.

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Hum n1 p01

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