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The Cynosure

  Michael Bakunin
  William Godwin
  Emma Goldman
  Peter Kropotkin
  Errico Malatesta
  Pierre-Joseph Proudhon
  Max Stirner
  Murray Bookchin
  Noam Chomsky
  Bright but Lesser Lights
  Cold Off The Presses
  Anarchist History
  Worldwide Movements
  First International
  Paris Commune
  Haymarket Massacre
  Spanish Civil War

Words of a Rebel

Peter Kropotkin

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Situation Today

Chapter 2: The Breakdown of the State

Chapter 3: The Inevitability of Revolution

Chapter 4: The Coming Revolution

Chapter 5: Political Rights

Chapter 6: To the Young

Chapter 7: War!

Chapter 8: Revolutionary Minorities

Chapter 9: Order

Chapter 10: The Commune

Chapter 11: The Paris Commune

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