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Kropotkin, P. (1927). The Great French Revolution, 1789-1793 (N. F. Dryhurst, Trans.) New York: Vanguard Printings. (Original work published 1909)


  Preface v
I. The Two Great Currents of the Revolution 1
II. The Idea 5
III. Action 11
IV. The People before the Revolution 16
V. The Spirit of Revolt: the Riots 19
VI. The Convocation of the States-General becomes Necessary 30
VII. The Rising of the Country Districts during the Opening Months of 1789 35
VIII. Riots in Paris and its Environs 46
IX. The States-General 50
X. Preparations for the Coup d'Etat 57
XI. Paris on the Eve of the Fourteenth 67
XII. The taking of the Bastille 78
XIII. The Consequences of July 14 at Versailles 88
XIV. The Popular Rising 94
XV. The Towns 98
XVI. The Peasant Rising 109
XVII. August 4 and its Consequences 118
XVIII. The Feudal Rights remain 129
XIX. Declareation of the Rights of Man 141
XX. The Fifth and Sixth of October 1789 146
XXI. Fears of the Middle Classes--The New Municipal Organisation 158
XXII. Financial Difficulties--Sale of Church Property 168
XXIII. The Fete of the Federation 174
XXIV. The "Districts" and the "Sections" of Paris 180
XXV. The Sections of Paris under the New Municipal Law 189
XXVI. Delays in the Abolition of the Feudal Rights 195
XXVII. Feudal Legislation in 1790 205
XXVIII. Arrest of the Revolution in 1790 213
XXIX. The Flight of the King--Reaction--End of the Constituent Assembly 226
XXX. The Legislative Assembly--Reaction in 1791-1792 237
XXXI. The Counter-Revolution in the South of France 247
XXXII. The Twentieth of June 1792 255
XXXIII. The Tenth of August: Its Immediate Consequences 268
XXXIV. The Interregnum--The Betrayals 282
XXXV. The September Days 297
XXXVI. The Convention--The Commune--The Jacobins 309
XXXVII. The Government--Conflicts with the Conventions--The War 318
XXXVIII. The Trial of the King 330
XXXIX. The "Mountain" and the Gironde 340
XL. Attempts of the Girondins to Stop the Revolution 348
XLI. The "Anarchists" 353
XLII. Causes of the Rising on May 31 361
XLIII. Social Demands--State of Feeling in Paris--Lyons 370
XLIV. The War--The Rising in La Vendée--Treachery of Dumouriez 379
XLV. A New Rising Rendered Inevitable 391
XLVI. The Insurrection of May 31 and June 2 399
XLVII. The Popular Revolution--Arbitrary Taxation 407
XLVIII. The Legislative Assembly and the Communal Lands 413
XLIX. The Lands Restored to the Communes 421
L. Final Abolition of the Feudal Rights 427
LI. The National Estates 432
LII. The Struggle Against Famine--The Maximum--Paper-Money 437
LIII. Counter-Revolution in Brittany--Assassination of Marat 445
LIV. The Vendée--Lyons--The Risings in Southern France 453
LV. The War--The Invasion Beaten Back 462
LVI. The Constitution--The Revolutionary Movement 470
LVII. The Exhaustion of the Revolutionary Spirit 478
LVIII. The Communist Movement 484
LIX. Schemes for the Socialisation of Land, Industries, Means of Substance and Exchange 493
LX. The End of the Communist Movement 500
LXI. The Constitution of the Central Government--Reprisals 508
LXII. Education--The Metric-System-The New Calendar--Anti-Religious Movement 518
LXIII. The Suppression of the Sections 528
LXIV. Struggle against the Hebertists 533
LXV. Fall of the Hebertists--Danton Executed 542
LXVI. Robespierre and his Group 550
LXVII. The Terror 555
LXVIII. The 9th Thermidor--Triumph of Reaction 562
  Conclusion 573
  Index 583

This online addition of The Great French Revolution was produced from:
Kropotkin, P. (1927). The Great French Revolution, 1789-1793 (N. F. Dryhurst, Trans.) New York: Vanguard Printings. (Original work published 1909)
by Brooks Davis with additional contributions by Braden Pellett, and Julio Diaz.

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