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[This Booklet is free from copyright]

Edition limited to one hundred copies of which number eighty copies were printed on Hamilton Text
and twenty on A & W All Rag.
Privately distributed

Introductory Note

Josiah Warren was undoubtedly the first American anarchist; as such he devoted most of his life towards the betterment of mankind. In spite of his individualistic tendencies which are so characteristic of the spirit of our old American pioneers, he was heart & soul for ALL, and for a society where peace and tranquility would be the dominant factors

It is also true that Josiah Warren was by nature and tradition a born rebel against all injustces & human hardships. His writings have shown the way toward liberation & annihilation of all archaic forms of slavery, and above all, he stood fast on his conviction of the SOVEREIGNTY OF THE INDIVIDUAL.

The entire world is today, as never before,




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