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Leo Tolstoy Bibliography



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EDITIONS IN RUSSIAN AND IN ENGLISH TRANSLATION: The definitive edition in Russian is the "Jubilee" collection: Polnoe sobranie sochenenii, ed. by V.G. CHERTKOV, 90 vol. (1928-58). Comprehensive, though incomplete, collections of his works in English include The Works of Leo TolstÛy trans. by LOUISE MAUDE and AYLMER MAUDE, 21 vol. (1928-37), known as the "TolstÛy Centenary Edition"; and The Complete Works of Count Tolstoy, trans. by LEO WIENER, 24 vol. (1904-05, reprinted 1968).

There are numerous translations of Tolstoy's major works. War and Peace, trans. by ANN DUNNIGAN (1968, reissued 1993), is the superior version; also good is the translation by CONSTANCE GARNETT, 3 vol. (1904), and available in many later printings. The widely available Norton critical edition, War and Peace: The Maude Translation: Backgrounds and Sources: Essays in Criticism, ed. by GEORGE GIBIAN (1966), succeeds less well in capturing tone, in addition to changing Tolstoy's division of the book into sections and adding plot summaries to each chapter. Anna Karenina, ed. and rev. by LEONARD J. KENT and NINA BERBEROVA (1965), a revision of the Garnett translation, is the best version; it is followed by the Norton critical edition, Anna Karenina: The Maude Translation: Backgrounds and Sources: Essays in Criticism, ed. by GEORGE GIBIAN (1970).

As a general rule, where translations by Dunnigan or Garnett are not available, translations by the Maudes are to be preferred. The Maude versions of many of Tolstoy's works have been included in Oxford University Press's series The World's Classics; especially worth consulting are their translations in this series titled Twenty-Three Tales (1906, reprinted 1975), their well-known edition of Tolstoy's short, didactic stories; What Is Art? and Essays on Art (1930, reissued 1975); Childhood, Boyhood, and Youth (1930, reissued 1969); and A Confession, The Gospel in Brief, and What I Believe (1940, reissued 1974). For Tolstoy's short stories, a good choice is Short Stories, compiled by ERNEST J. SIMMONS (1964), the Modern Library edition which, in addition to several Maude translations, includes George L. Kline's version of Tolstoy's first experiment in fiction, "A History of Yesterday." Modern Library has also reproduced Maude translations of his Short Novels (1965); and Selected Essays (1964). Tolstoy's The Forged Coupon (1985) is the best version of this posthumously published story.

Tolstoy's plays, which are often replete with peasant dialect and many of which were left unfinished, have until recently resisted good translation. Two early collections are Plays, trans. by LOUISE MAUDE and AYLMER MAUDE (1914, reissued 1950); and The Dramatic Works of Lyof N. TolstoÔ, trans. by NATHAN HASKELL DOLE (1923). A superior edition is Tolstoy: Plays (1994- ), trans. by MARVIN KANTOR and TANYA TULCHINSKY.

An excellent selection of Tolstoy's correspondence is Tolstoy's Letters, ed. and trans. from Russian by R.F. CHRISTIAN, 2 vol. (1978). Selections from his diaries (which run to 13 volumes in the Jubilee edition) are collected in Tolstoy's Diaries, ed. and trans. from Russian by R.F. CHRISTIAN, 2 vol. (1985). The intriguing record of Tolstoy's last year is Last Diaries, ed. by LEON STILMAN (1960, reprinted 1979). Some other versions are marred by inaccuracy or the suppression of passages for the sake of propriety: The Journal of Leo Tolstoi, trans. by ROSE STRUNSKY (1917, reissued 1993), covering the years 1895-1899; The Diaries of Leo Tolstoy, 3 vol., trans. by C.J. HOGARTH and A. SIRNIS (1917); and The Private Diary of Leo TolstÛy, 1853-1857, trans. by LOUISE MAUDE and AYLMER MAUDE (1927, reprinted 1972).

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