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Milly Witkop-Rocker

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something was taken from me that no eternity can bring back. We have all lost her, for, with Milly, one of the last of the old guard has passed away, one who contributed sixty years of her life to a cause that will never die as long as men live on this earth.

What she was to me personally, I cannot say. There are moments in our life when words become meaningless for they can never express one's deepest feelings. Since these are hardly a subject for public exhibition it is perhaps just as well. During the long and yet so short years of our union I received he best and the purest that this noble woman had to give. For this I must be grateful.

She died as she had lived - brave, composed, and without complaint. During the last ten months she was often ill, but always recovered. But gradually her strength began to wane and she felt tired nearly all the time. The doctors comings and goings became more frequent. Nevertheless, she would rally now and then, giving us new hope. During the last weeks, she often had difficulty in breathing, and I believed she herself felt the end approaching but concealed her feelings, so as not to cause us any worry. The doctor believed that her breathing difficulties were caused by hardening of her arteries. Once after a short rally she said to me: "I wish I could live another year or two,


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