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Peukert Biographical Information Josef Peukert (1855 - 1910) was an Austrian anarchist. He was involved in distributing Freiheit published by Johann Most, but became increasingly critical of Most as Social-Revolutionist as opposed to an anarchist. In 1884 he set up the newspaper Rebell and became involved with the Gruppe Autonomie in London. He had a fierce argument with Victor Dave, and became embroiled with Theodor Reuss, when Dave denounced him as a spy. In 1887 Peukert went with Reuss to Belgium, where Reuss passed information to the police leading to the arrest of Johann Neve. This severely damaged the reputation of Peukert (and also Victor Dave). This incident is touched upon in John Henry Mackay's Die Anarchisten. By 1890 he was in New York working with Emma Goldman with whom he continued to work for a number of years.
Daily Bleed: 1886 -- [November 6] England: "Die Autonomie" first appears. A German language anarchist-communist weekly magazine published in London by R. Gunderson & edited by Josef Peukert. 1898 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feminist: In Chicago, Emma Goldman, (March 20-26, during her speaking tour of Feb/June, addressing 66 meetings) is aided by Josef Peukert, who secures for her several speaking engagements before labor unions.


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