1. Flight to the West
  2. California, Here We Come!
  3. Mexican Girls Stand Their Ground
  4. The Employers Try an injunction
  5. Our Union on the March
  6. Subterranean Sweatshops in Chinatown
  7. Par Cry from 'Forty-Nine
  8. Police Guns Bring General Strike to 'Frisco
  9. Some History is Recorded in Chicago
  10. I Go to Puerto Rico
  11. Island Paradise and Mass Tragedy
  12. Yet the Puerto Ricans Multiply
  13. Last Outpost of Civilization
  14. Early Champions of the Common Man
  15. Employers Double as Vigilantes
  16. Out on a Limb in Seattle
  17. Travail in Atlantk City
  18. Milwaukee and Buffalo are Different
  19. Vulnerable Akron: The First Great Sit-Down
  20. 'Outside Agitators' Strive for Peace
  21. Pageant of Victory
  22. Auto Workers Line Up For Battle
  23. General Motors Capitulates
  24. French-Canadian Girls Get Tough
  25. We Win Against Odds in Montreal
  26. Union Fights Union in Cleveland
  27. The Mohawk Valley Formula Fails
  28. European Holiday: War Shadows Deepen
  29. Graveyard: Boston is Boston
  30. Return Engagement in Los Angeles
  31. Back in the American Federation of Labor
  32. Dust-Bowlers Make Good Unionists
  33. End of an Era
  34. Labor and the Road Ahead