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Land and Liberty

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is the danger with which Political Socialism threatens us most seriously, and no greater misfortune could befall the human race. For, Privilege would be fully as oppressive though labeled "Public Service" and the political employer might, for aught we know, be infinitely worse than the present industrial boss. The danger is very great, and perhaps our greatest shield against it lies in ever-deepening and widening disgust of politicians. Luckily also the labor politicians have proved themselves, on the average, most corrupt. Corruption has no lasting strength.

Economic Revolution, forced on its irresistibly, is coming, and it will mean desperate struggle and frightful sacrifice of blood and treasure, since mankind has not reached that stage at which the intellect alone decides. Let us see to it that under no circumstances shall we be cheated, but that we get full value for our sacrifices. The Revolution will be the most serious business we could take in hand. Let us master it as we master other business; eliminating slipshod methods and studying it painstakingly in all its details, that it may be made to yield the best results. It will be our great opportunity, and if we neglect it we shall suffer appallingly, for Life has its arithmetic and keeps its books most carefully. We shall not be able to flinch vital issues-after the manner of orators-without paying heavily for our cowardice. We shall not be able to flinch vital issues-after the manner of orators-without paying heavily for our cowardice. We shall not be able to dodge dangers without falling into worse ones. We shall not be able to make chicken-hearted compromises and play politics, for the sake of supposedly-profitable alliances, without coming to grief, as the politicians of the French Revolution came to grief and as those in Mexico have come to grief quite recently. Just as the Mexican Revolution must be fought through to the bitter end, if a hundred devils are not to enter into the place from rich the one Porfirio Diaz was expelled, so we must grasp the nettle, danger, firmly, that from it we may pluck triumphantly the flower, safety. From the broken shell of slavery we must emerge "great, good and joyous, beautiful and free," having left poverty and dependence forever behind our backs.

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