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Chronology of Luigi Galleani

1861 - Born in Italy.

Late 1870's - Becomes an anarchist while studying law at the University of Turin.

1880-1900 - Flees to France to evade prosecution in Italy. Galleani is expelled from France and moves to Switzerland. He is expelled once again from Switzerland and returns to Italy.

1895 - Captured and imprisoned on the island of Pantelleria, off of Sicily.

1900 - Escapes Pantelleria, flees to Egypt.

1901 - Arrives in the United States. Settles in Paterson, NJ.

1902 - Leads Paterson silk workers in general strike. Galleani wounded when police open fire on the strikers. Escapes to Canada.

1903 - Returns to the U.S. via Vermont.

June 6, 1903 - Founds Cronaca Sovversiva, an important anarchist periodical.

1906 - Captured by authorities due to a tip off from Giacinto Menotti Serrati, editor of Il Proletario.

1907 - Tried for his role in the 1902 strike. The trial ends in a hung jury, and Galleani is set free. Returns to Vermont to return to editting.

1912 - Relocates to Lynn, Massachusetts.

1914 - Faccia a facciao col nemico (Face to Face with the Enemy) published.

1919 - Galleani deported. Officially the deportation was carried out by the Department of labr.

November 4, 1931 - Dies at the age of 70 from a heart attack.


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