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Collected Works of Voltairine de Cleyre

A Glance at Communism, The Twentieth Century vol. 9, no. 9 (September 1, 1892): pp. 10-11.
Anarchism and American Traditions
Bastard Born
Dawn Light of Anarchy
Direct Action   French Version
The Dominant Idea
The Economic Tendency of Freethought
The Eleventh of November, 1887
Francisco Ferrer
The Gods and the People
Haymarket Speeches by Voltairine de Cleyre at LibriVox
In Defense of Emma Goldman
"The Individualist and the Communist," (and Rosa Slobodinsky)
The Making of an Anarchist: Text and an audio version from LibriVox
The Paris Commune
Selected Works, edited by Alexander Berkman
with and Introduction by Hippolyte Havel [pdf] [searchable pdf - 17.4 MG]
Selected poems by Voltairine de Cleyre, audio version at LibriVox
Sex Slavery
The Sun, March 04, 1894 - An Interview with Voltairine de Cleyre
They Who Marry Do Ill  French version
The Worm Turns


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