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This manuscript is part of the International Institute for Social History's Alexander Berkman archive and appears in Anarchy Archives with ISSH's permission.

Berkman to Max Nettlau, July 31, 1931.

My dear Comrade M.N.:

I enjoyed your letter of the 18. inst. Yes, my moratorium will not do me any more good than the one for Germany. The only thing is the annul entirely the original order of expulsion, and, that seems a hard thing to accomplish. Well, we shall see. It's a rotten business, though.

Well, I am glad that you received the $95., and you have written to Dr. C. to send things to you DIRECTLY. He is so busy that he neglects to do things as requested.

In the meantime I have just received another check for you from Dr. C. It is for $15., from the International Fund. I'll do with it as I did before. I'll deposit it in the bank and then have the bank send you the $15. That will be all right won't it?

He also sent me $15. check for Sophie K., as he says he does not know how to send it to Russia. So I must attend to that, too.

As to E.G. - I understand that she send a copy of her letter (to you) to Dr. C., but she did not mean it for publication. The Dr. evidently gave it to the F.A.S. However, I do not see any harm in it. Your view has been stated in the F.A.S., and why should E.G. also not state her view there? Of course, as I say, she had not intended it for publication and she was herself surprised to hear that it appeared in the F.A.S. But there is no harm in it.

Thanks for the Vex Probuzhdeniye. I received it and just had time only to glace over it. As soon as I have more leisure I shall read it carefully.

The Chi. Krop.. Sbornik also arrived. It represents a lot of work and effort, but you are right in saying that outside of your own contributions there the Sbornik does not hold anything historically original.

Harry K. must be in Vienna now and surely he will see you.

I am loaded with work so please excuse brevity and haste.

My best to you and Emmy sends love.

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