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This letter is part of the International Institute for Social History's Alexander Berkman archive and appears in Anarchy Archives with ISSH's permission.

Wien, August 19, 1931

Dear Comrade, what can I possibly know that you do not know better on that subject?

   The address is the museum in the winter and Dmitrov, in Peter Kropotkin's house, in the summer -- both generally known and sufficient.

   Banks have to adhere to public regulations and could only deal with Soviet Banks. These must be obliged to charge or pay with dollars at the ruinous low rate at which travellars are forced to charge them at the frontier.

   Thus, obviously, a private way to forward real dollars would be to the advantage of the addressee. Is there such a way? I ignore it. Our comrade M. Korn might know and others might know. I do not. But it would be a pity not to inquire and let the money be reduced by official spoliation and banking charges. It would also be regrettable to delay spending, as, I fear, all that can be sent is exceedingly welcome, personally or for the cost of the museum salaries. The channels by which other money has been sent to the museum, ought to be known. Her daughter ought to know.

   Mrs. Kelly's friend, the young lady who was in the Ukraine and told us twenty minutes on such matters (under which conditions foreigners could buy things etc.) would know, only they are sailing -- Kelly on the 22, too late, to reach him. But perhaps Kelly told you of her and you can find her; she seemed to know all these things.


   I mentioned the matter to Rocker to-day, by letter, to tell you if he knows what may be of use to you. That is all I can say.

   I thank you for forwarding my 15$ and expect to get them by and by. If only all of you would learn to


use real greenbacks and out of the leading sharings of the banks which, at times prove to be the traps and are always costly! Excuse this Seufzer!

             No other news,

              Best wishes to both of you,

                M. Nettlau.


   You may have heard by Kelly the "Ramus" infamy about Siegfried Nacht, against which Malatesta, Rocker and I protested in the Synd Nr. 26.

   The Russian George Popoff to whose tale "Ramus" forged a fictitious title insulting Nacht -- I met his name yesterday as writing from London (like an English correspondent) to Vienna daily paper. So he may be or is likely to live now in London. It may become necessary to write a letter to him on the misuse which "Ramus" makes of his name; I discuss this with Rocker. Do you know his address in London or an address of somebody who would reach him? Is he a menchevik or of which other sort of non-bolshevism? "Ramus" forged: Siegfried Nacht alias Arnold Roller -- der Tchekist as the alleged title of some recollections (or a tale) of Popoff [ said to be taken from his book on the Tche-ka, ein Staat im Staat -- or similar] where a Tche-kist judge operating in Russia is introduced, name of "Roller" -- and upon this Ramus pretends that is Nacht who lived at times in Russia -- whilst Nacht has never been in Russia etc etc.

   Is Popoff serious in any way or journalistic and worthless? Not on account of S.N. I ask this, but to know whether one may write a letter to him as an ordinary decent individual -- or better not?



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