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This letter is part of the International Institute for Social History's Alexander Berkman archive and appears in Anarchy Archives with ISSH's permission.

Nice, April 30, 1932

Dear Comrade Nettlau,

You asked me to take a hand in the matter of the article that appeared some time ago in the F.A.S. about the Rassvetovtsi. I mean to do so, but the detroit Group announced that they are investigating the whole case, and therefore I thought it best to wait for the results of their investigation.

But meanwhile I notice that you have yourself written in the F.A.S. concerning your work in the Probuzhdenie.

Well, how are things? How are you getting along with your work, and how is your health? I know what and indefatigable worker you are but you must also take good care of your health, dear friend.

Have you any definite news about the condition of Malatesta. I have seen a note in the F.A.S. according to which he is seriously ill. I hope the good comrade will be able to fight successfully against sickness.

I am writing him a postal card, because I am afraid that all letters to him from abroad may appear suspicious to the powers that be in Italy. But a postal is easily open to inspection and probable has more chance of getting to M.

Here things are very, very quiet. Conditions very bad. France is having more unemployment every day, and the foreigners are not allowed to work. So you can understand what suffering that involves for out exiles.

As to myself, I have had poor luck with work of late. Some translations I have made have been refused. American publishers are cutting down their output most radically, and translations are not desired. Physically I have also been rather poor of late.

Emmie sends love. She has been so so of late, but just now she has to forget her troubles because she is kept busy by her mother. The latter same to visit her the first time in eight years.

E.G. reports good moral success with her lectures. Of course economically Germany is in a terrible condition, so that E's trip is just an expense to her. But the Northern countries have at least paid the expenses -- Denmark, Sweden, Norway. E.G. plans to return to St. Tropes about the latter part of May.

Best greetings to you and wishes for your further very useful and fruitful activity.


22, Avenue Mon Plaisir

Nice (A.M.)


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