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This letter is part of the International Institute for Social History's Alexander Berkman archive and appears in Anarchy Archives with ISSH's permission.

Hjortkvarn, Sweden
Jan. 3rd 1922

Dearest Fitzie:

     I have somehow been waiting for something from you. Why this silence? Received a postal from Sasha dated Riga, Latvia, Dec. 21st saying that he and E.G. would leave Reval for Stockholm on the 28th and by in Stockholm Dec. 29-30 with hope of meeting me there. Thinking that I would have the pleasure I at once dashed to look about for cash to take me to Stockholm. I succeeded in borrowing 30 roubous (sic) and dashed early on the 29th to meet the steamer who would bring in the long lost friends. If anyone ever been disappointed, I was. I did not cry but not far from it. The steamer came but no Sasha or E.G. Albert Jensen and many of the Syndicalists and A's were also down all very disappointed. Albert Jensen, who had worked hard for them to get the foreign office to grant them entrance here could not understand why they did not come as scheduled. We have had no word to date; owing to the housing problem in Stockholm I



could not succeed in gathering lodging with friends so I had to pay five crown for a cheap room in cheap hotel. The next morning I betook myself down to the steam ship's office to find out how soon the next boat would be in. As no boat would leave Reval for Stockholm before the fourth of Jan. I decided it would be of no use to look up any other friends and be a dead weight on their purses. I got 10 crowns from A.J. to help pay my fare back home again. Thus I enjoyed that last days of 1921.

     I suppose by the time you get this I shall have had some words as to the whereabouts of our friends. Perhaps they succeeded in getting to Berlin.

     Am enjoying unemployment since 16 of Dec. and with a bad outlook for sometime ahead. How soon the industrial depression will come no one seems to know. I asked the superintendent here, and the nearest he could figure would be about May or June perhaps not this year. Should it take a year before the industries here begin to arrive (sic) the workers will either have to starve to death or rise in rebellion. Should



the mine, mills and factories start in the spring and summer the workers will submit to the education of wages and additional hours. There will be a few exceptions to some small striker here and there but the majority of the Swedish workers so far have slave morals and slave minds.

     The Trinity is getting on pretty well. The little one is kicking of beat the band and has a large amount of air in his lungs. I fail to understand the language he speaks as yet but he is evidently trying to say "pop" and sometimes he says "incomes" (sic). It simply gets my goat that conditions are such as they are it takes all the pleasure out of the home, placing in its place worry and care. But we will not give up in disgust as yet.

     That is the problem with the Doctor Recthram (sic). He directed his mail addressed to Freedom, Loredon (sic) and wrote Reel to hold letters for him there. I wrote Ben there and just had I returned with a letter from Reel that he has heard no more of Dr. Recthram and his intended (sic) trip. I have also written him at his Chicago address but no reply to my letters. Is he too busy with his Dillpickers (sic) club making



concerts to Christ (sic).

     This letter does not bring you much good cheer on the New Year as I had hoped to be able to write. I hope that it will all be well before the closing of this year or helies (sic) yet this month.

With best wishes to you, Pauline, Stella and all other friends.
Fialcnially (sic)

P.S. You wrote in your last letter that you Stella and Pauline had sent a package for the youngster. So far it has not put no appearance but I have not looked for anything knowing that the parcel post is pretty well clogged around Xmas and New Year.



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