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This manuscript is part of the International Institute for Social History's Alexander Berkman archive and appears in Anarchy Archives with ISSH's permission.
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     The National Conference of the Relief Society for Political Exiles in Siberia, at its special session on April 29th, at Stuyvesant Casino, unanimously voted to protest to you against the appointment of Elihu Root as Chairman of the Federal Commission now being sent by you to Russia. We protest against Mr. Root as a member of the Commission because of his frequently voiced antagonism to and disapporval of the revolutionary movement in Russia and his well-known public attitude of favoring Russian political prisoners by this country. As the official representative in America of the Russian Political Exiles and as a body that for years morally and financially aided the Russian Political Exiles in Siberia, the American Relief Society emphatically protests against the appointment of Mr. Root, whose enmity to the ideals, aspirations and tactics of the Russian revolutionists, as well as to organized labor in general, is as thoroughly known in Russia as in America and justly resented.

     We hope, Mr. President, that you will realize the importance of reconsidering the appointment of Mr. Root and that a representative will be selected who is intellectually and temperamentally in sympathy with the ideals and spirit of the Russian revolution.

spacerI. Rubin, Secretary
spacerNational Conference Relief Society for
spacerPolitical Exiles in Siberia
spacer1804 Belmont Ave.
spacerNew York City

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