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My dearest F. -- at last we are in a "civilized country". Arrived yesterday in boat from Reval. As I already work from Riga, we were arrested in the latter city by the _ ? authorities on suspicion of being Bolsh. agents. We were in the car, & the train that already started from Riga for Reval. We were taken off at the next station, brought back to Riga and placed in jail, in solitary incarceration for 7 days. Kidnapped Dec 22, released 29th. "a misunderstanding"

Well we had to review again our Latvian visas, then get new Estonian visas, & finally left again for Reval. There we caught boat for Stockholm Jan. 4 Arrived here yesterday. Staying in the hotel for the present.

Dear, now has come the time when I might do some work here in Russia. There is much to say about it. I write to you a tiny letter from Riga, asking whether you could help me in placing articles about it. You see, I don't want to give any interview to capital papers a represent. of some Amer. paper already appeared in the moment the boat landed yesterday. But I won't give them any material or interview. Now, I want a place where to publish my articles on R., for 2 reasons: 1) What I have to say about R. must be said and I hope will prove a great lesson; 2) I must have a source of income in order to live. Incidentally everything is terrifically dear here, at least ten times more expensive than in Germany. Our visas are for our month here and it seems sure that they can be continued for one, two and even more months. I would not mind living here a few months, or even a year, if I cannot afford it and do work. I came to work here all right, but life here, as I say, is too expensive. Therefore I am trying to find

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