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Socialism and the Pope

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On page 425, we read:-


"IRELAND. DEAR REV. FATHER,- Some time ago I was elected Captain of the local hurling team. I made a promise to the Sacred Heart that if my team won the Championship I would publish a thanksgiving in the MESSENGER. Strange to relate when everything was going against us on the field I placed my trust in the Sacred Heart and repeated the ejaculation, "Sacred Heart of Jesus I place my Trust in Thee, and to the surprise of all we won on a whistle.

"Hoping you will find space to show your readers what the Sacred Heart can do if you only trust in Him.- A FOND LOVER OF THE SACRED HEART."

True Catholic literature! Literature of the Sacred Heart that promotes machine-gun practice! Assists hurling! Discovers jobs! Recovers purses! Believers in rubbish are told by Willie Gallacher in Britain, and Earl Browder in America that the Communist Party does not wish to make war on their faith! Perhaps the Sacred Heart will be invoked to keep Gallacher in the House of Commons till he dies! What matters that John Chrysostom, dead and sainted, is invoked to curse Communism by the Holy Father! John Chrysostom, who preached Communism! Fine Catholic Literature!

Isaac D'Israeli (1766-1848) father of the famous Earl of Beaconsfield, in his six volumes of the "Curiosities of English Literature," has thrown light on this subject of "True Catholic Literature." He mentions the amours attributed in this literature to the Virgin Mary. He also cites John Oldham's (1653-83), "Satires Upon the Jesuits," which summarizes the "lying legends" of the Church in a masterly commentary, and denounces the innumerable impositions practiced on the credulous by the Papal Church.

Referring to the extravagant pictures in the "Golden Legend," Oldham writes:-
"Tell, how blessed Virgin to come down was seen,
Like play-house punk descending in machine,
How she writ billet dour and love-discourse,
Made assignations, visits, and amours;
How hosts distrust, her smock for banner wore,
Which vanquished foes!-
-how fish in conventicles met,
And mackerel were with bait of doctrine caught:
How cattle have judicious hearers been!-
How consecrated hives with bells were hung,
And bees kept mass, and holy anthems sung!
How pigs to th' rosary kneel'd, and sheep were taught
To bleat Te Deum and Magnificat;
How fly-flap, of church-censure houses rid
Of insects, which at curse of fryer died.
How ferrying cowls religious pilgrims bore
O'er waves, without the help of sail or oar;
How zealous crab the sacred image bore,
And swam a catholic to the distant shore.


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