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The Sacco-Vanzetti Case and the Grim Forces Behind It



You who read this narrative must realize that something more than sympathy and moral support are needed for Sacco and Vanzetti. Their lives are at stake; and the attack upon them is obviously an attack upon all workers who dare to think aloud.

Money is keenly needed for the aid of the defense. Investigation work necessarily covers a wide field; intrenchments must be built against the intrigues of the enemy; Mrs. Sacco and her children must be provided for; and publicity concerning every phase of the situation must be spread broadcoast.

Attorneys William J. Callahan and Fred H. Moore have entered the case since the Vanzetti conviction. They have a herculean fight before them, but they are working tirelessly, systematically, tearing down the structure of falsity set up by the prosecution. Callahan and Moore believe that law cases are invariably won or lost before they go into the courtroom.

Give quickly all you can spare. Every contribution will be acknowledged.

This money must come from those who believe in fair play for working people. What has had to Sacco and Vanzetti may happen to any worker, Italian or American. It happened to Mooney and Billings. It may be your turn next.

And after you have given money, there are other ways in which you can help. Assist in distributing this pamphlet far and wide. Make sure that it is read by labor unions, civic organizers, educators, public speakers, clergymen, church societies, and every kind of people who ought to know this story.

Write to Governor Cox of Massachusetts and to the senators and representatives from your districts, asking them to investigate all facts in the case. If your newspaper fails to publish developments in this life-and-death battle, write the managing editor asking why. And send him a copy of his pamphlet.

Above all organize immediately a Sacco-Vanzetti defense committee in

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