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The Sacco-Vanzetti Case and the Grim Forces Behind It


And most marvelous of all -- at the very time when he was doing this, he was engaged in a pistol duel with another bandit from the one he was describing. This other bandit, he said, was fully eight feet away from the shotgun man. All this is in the preliminary trial record.

At the trial, however, the defense attorneys challenged Bowles on the latter point and he promptly changed his testimony, saying now that his second shot was fired at the shotgun man. But he had just said that he was from 25 to 50 yards away when he fired the second shot.

Woman Sees Through House

Mrs. Georgina Brooks is an elderly woman who appears to have supernatural powers. Builds become transparent when they stand in her way. She declared she saw "fire and smoke from the a gun" while she stood in a window of the railway station, 75 feet back from Broad street and 300 feet from Hale street where the crime-action took place.

But there is a two-story frame house half-way along Broad street which completely shuts off an observer in that window from any view of the crime-area!

Mrs. Brooks makes no secret of being able to see only the vague silhouette of objects before her with one of her eyes, and she has been taking treatment for the other. But on the way to the railroad station with a small child before the shooting she took observations afterwards useful to the prosecution. She was walking north on the west side of Broad street, she said, when she noticed an automobile drawn up in Hale street, east of the eastern sidewalk line on Broad street. The rear of the car was toward her.

Why Was Mrs. Brooks So Curious?

For some unexplained reason she became interested in that car, although the appearance was not unusual. She led the child across Broad street and into Hale street, and went out of her way to pass around the front end of the automobile. In it, she said, were four men. Three of these she took no notice of; but she scrutinized the

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